As you can see from our Simple price plan examples below, our aim is not to encourage you to spend more, to get free perks. We prefer you decide on the correct number of pages and website size for your business, rather than be guided by gimmicks and plans designed to make you spend more than you need to. Every standard page costs €100. Non standard extras are priced separately. This means that you don’t pay for it, if you don’t need it. A standard page is loosely defined as the content you can see on a standard laptop screen without scrolling up, or down the page. We are ready to deliver the best possible website for your business, while keeping costs down. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.



Every website has running costs. Aside from the build, there are hosting fees and domain name renewal. There may also be security certificate renewals, protection renewals, certified domain costs and many more. Many web designers will build a website and hand it to you on a disk for publication. If you open the file on a disk, you will see hundreds of files, or a sea of jumbled letters and characters. Unless you have negotiated this with your web designer, it will be your responsibility to figure out how to get the website launched. You would need to purchase a domain, find a hosting provider, choose a plan to suit your website (up to and above €250 per year) and upload your website with whatever security you have chosen. If you managed to get that far, you’ll then be unpleasantly surprised if you have to make a change to your site. This scenario has endless possibilities and pit-falls. So, for less than the average cost of annual hosting with some companies, Simply Built Websites will do all this for you. We build your site, launch it and maintain it at very low costs.





Based on a standard Desktop Website, Each page will cost €100 to build. Every page is carefully built and integrated into your website with all required functions. You can have as little as One page, or as many as Fifty. The general limit is set at 50 pages, but it is possible to build more.




A One page website will cost: €50 Setup. €100 Build Fee. Running Cost = €10 monthly.


A Two page website will cost: €0 Setup. €200 Build Fee. Running Cost = €24 monthly.


A Three page website will cost: €0 Setup. €300 Build Fee. Running Cost = €24 monthly.


A Ten page website will cost: €0 Setup. €1,000 Build Fee. Running Cost = €24 monthly.


Running Costs are the costs involved in keeping your website active and online. We just keep it simple and put all the cost into an affordable plan.





Cash-Flow is really important for any business to keep going. This is why Simply Built Websites have enabled our clients to get the website they want, without worrying about the invoice. Our Easy Payment Plan allows you to spread the cost of your website build over as many months as you have pages. Once the first two pages are paid for, any additional pages are paid for, one per month. So, if you have Seven pages in total, the first two are paid for before your website launches and the remaining five pages are paid for over the next Five months. The cost for this convenient service is only by €10 per page. Of course, you can pay the cost of the website build earlier if you wish. Most of our clients pay the build fee in 3 payments, or less. You get to choose what's best for your business.





We believe it is important for you to be the legal registrant of the domain name you choose. We also know that it’s all too easy to forget to renew your domain every year, because cards expire and updating your card details in an account you will probably will never log into is a recipe for disaster. At best, your website will go offline. Another likely scenario is that your domain name will be snatched up by someone who wants it for their business, or to sell it back to you at a very inflated price, often in the thousands. The Easy Domain service we offer is simple. You pay €4 per month with your normal maintenance plan and we renew your domain at the end of the year. You can be confident that our account details are updated and that your domain is safely renewed on our account, while still being registered to you. So, for just over €1 per month over the normal domain cost, you get absolute peace of mind and an easy payment plan.





Simply Built Websites offers you a simple to use browser program to allow you to make changes to selected text and photos on your website. The interface is simple and easy to use. We provide you with a direct login from your website where you use your provided login details and make live changes to the website. This service costs €4 per month, no matter how many pages you have.





Visit the Contact Us page and submit your contact details. You will be contacted to make a start on your website. If possible, a representative will meet with you to get things moving. This depends on your location and availability. Otherwise, you will be sent some information and forms to complete and return to us. Once your domain is registered and your website built, the building fee is payable and your monthly maintenance plan becomes active.


Your website will be displayed on a test domain (example: to seek your approval before being officially launched with the designated domain name.


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